Tuesday, 15 January 2019

A Banquet of Consequences - first course for Carmarthenshire County Council.

"Sooner or later, we all sit down to a banquet of consequences" -Robert Louis Stephenson.

Quite a banquet of consequences should be served soon at Carmarthenshire County Council. Sitting in the Carmarthenshire County Council Planning meeting on January 10th my companion drew my attention to a text on her phone. Mr Mark James, the CEO, was retiring, it said.

I then had to make a presentation of my objections to the current plans for the Llanelli Wellness and Life Sciences project at Delta lakes. I felt I should say that although I had only known Mr James as an arrogant, control freak with a degree of malice , I wished him well. The chair of committee became agitated and interrupted me, presumably to point out that the resignation of  Mr James was not a planning  consideration.

In fact , without Mr James we would not have been discussing the merits of the plans at all. This was on of his "babies" , the revitalisation of the economy of Llanelli by the building of a huge industrial estate themed on life sciences. private healthcare services and a couple of previously promised developments, a new care home to replace one shut down by the council, and a new leisure centre to replace the ageing, existing one in the town centre.

My main objection was related to the actual site and the effect on the traffic pollution in my ward, with air pollution already at dangerous levels but not enough to get CCC to do anything about it other than monitor it. They cant afford a single "No Idling" sign in Sandy road, gridlocked twice a day and spewing emissions into my community in a heavily populated residential area, but have already borrowed £200 million to finance this apparently dodgy scheme  before approval by the City Deal overseers. Even my own County Councillor, Cllr Penny Edwards [Labour] voted for this scheme on the day, rather than get on the wrong side of Mr James.

Badger faced sheep 

The suspension of Swansea Academics involved in the Delta Lakes Scheme and investigations are about to start from the Wales Audit Office, Auditor General and the UK City Deal Authorities, did not dampen the enthusiasm from the sheep-like planning committee for this project. As the case was already "called in" they could not pass it but only say they were minded to do so.

 Earlier, in correspondence, Planning chair Alun Lenny reminded me the outcome in the case of Stradey Park, a planning application on a flood plain also called in by the the Welsh Government and subsequently passed. It was allowed to pass by the Welsh Government when Taylor Wimpey  threatened the Welsh Government with a multi-million pound civil case and minister Jane Davidson capitulated despite the plans being against WG policies.

None of the developers of the Wellness project are going to do that, and CCC is unlikely to threaten the Welsh Government with using the £200 million they have borrowed to build this palace of wellness, to sue our own Government.

 Even though, in the planning  meeting, addressing the councillors, I pointed out the major problems with the scheme and even  informed  them that the planning officer who presented it on the day had, for some reason, withheld important negative information from  them  (in a letter from Natural Resources Wales of 9th January) the sheep approved the scheme.It made no difference,

  I intend to find out on whose authority that information was suppressed. Only a severely edited quote of the letter was given to the committee suggesting NRW were now "on side" when the truth was they were "minded to object". I could not find this letter on the list of documents CCC deposited online,and was tipped off by another source. How much other information has the planning committee been "spared" so not to confuse then into the "wrong" decisions?

The failure of CCC to produce a business plan suitable to be released to the councillors was not mentioned..After a fantasy "fly through" presentation of a plan whose funding is in doubt, where "partners"  have fled, some are under investigation ,and basic planning considerations have been ignored, it made no difference to the councillors present. The three planning committee members who stayed home and sent their apologies may well have had done so to avoid the issue.

We do not know the full facts as to the reasons for Mr James' retirement, he's going in June, allegedly. The decision on the planning permission is on hold due to representations from myself and others to the Assembly on planning grounds. which at least the Welsh Government feel should be looked at.

Was the postponement of the "Dream" swamp project the last straw for Mr James? No doubt we will find out. Now his power is waning, some may be looking at other strange happenings at Carmarthenshire County Council. The Banquet may have many courses.

Siân Caiach,

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

My Request to the Welsh government minister to "Call In" the planning application for the Welllness Project

I have been asked to put this letter on my blog. Applications can be called in by Government Planning Ministers for examination by their planning experts if they contradict planning policy Wales as I believe this one does under TAN 15 and TAN 5. It may also be argued that it is lacking in other areas which have already been pointed out in correspondence between Carms CC and Natural Resources Wales. I feel the application is being rushed and the Committee members not fully informed. Of course this could end up as just a political battle between the "ruling" Plaid//Independent coalition and the Labour opposition but I hope that all parties search their consciences and at least wait for full information and the results of the investigations planned and current, of the issue at UK, Welsh Government, Wales Audit Office and Swansea University. This is not party political, but it may end up as a huge waste of public money.

 Re Carmarthenshire County Council’s Planning Application s/36948 to be determined 10th Jan  
To Welsh Government Planning Minister Julie James AM
7th Jan 2019
Dear Minister,
I wish to request a call -in of Carmarthenshire County Council’s planning application S/ 36948. I have several planning concerns. As you will be aware the Delta Lakes /Wellness /Neurosciences was part of the Swansea City Bay Deal but has stumbled on several issues such as the lack of any private investors, a flawed business case which has never been seen by the public and the suspension of 2 Swansea University academics involved with attempting to fund a project , possibly Improperly with a Welsh Government grant related to this site.
I am a member of Llanelli Flood Forum and am aware of the flooding problems we have had locally both recently and historically. Although only part of this site is in C type flood plains, the access roads are affected both by recent flooding and/or DAM maps predicted risk of flooding. I have pointed this out to the County Council but cannot see any mention in their planning information.
The site and its surroundings was severely flooded historically in 1896, and there have been 2 other incidents in the last century. In 1896 an Atlantic hurricane caused a 10 foot tidal surge. This hit the site and overwhelmed the sea defences. The site is being raised but I concerned that this will simply displace water to surrounding residences. However, as the Dafen Lake is now tidal, [poor maintenance has led to this]. the sea already comes in under the rusted sluice gate now stuck in an open position. In the planning document it seems the lake is thought to still be fresh water with a controlled release. I believe TAN 15 instructs no building on C type floodplains except on;y necessary infrastructure . The planning documents suggest they are looking to build on the flood plain areas.
Natural Resources Wales has been having correspondence with the Council during the past year and have been unhappy with several matters and these are made clear in the relevant documents filed under s/36948 The documents released with the application make vague statements about NRW’s advice and conditions which they may impose on the planning application. I suspect that NRW have been given insufficient responses and poor or no information on some topics.. The information given to the councillors is insufficient. They appear to be asked to make decisions on unknown NRW conditions to yet be decided.
Welsh Water /Dwr Cymru are already developing a site on the margins of the Wellness area. Due to the severe sewage pollution of the Loughor Estuary a major £96 million “Rainscape” project to remove surface water from the whole of South Llanelli is under construction. The new pumping station will transfer tons of surface water from South Llanelli into the lake, especially after heavy rains, but the scheme does not come on line until 2020. This effect on the hydrology of the site is not mentioned . There is also an adjacent sewage pumping station that has an outfall into the site.
DCWW has had correspondence with the council and it suggests that they need significant extra funding from CCC to make requested changes to the site and need careful staging to be able to support the development. This is not mentioned in the meeting documents online. When I visited the new attenuation tanks and pumps with the Flood Forum, DCWW staff mentioned that they believed that there was quite a lot of copper in the lake water. The lake was made by filling up a commercial dock with landfill, content of which was not documented. Copper works were nearby. The Council has not recently tested water or soil for contamination according to the reports. I dispute the CCC assertion that pollution is not a problem. How do they know?
NRW seemed unhappy in their correspondence about poor assessment of wildlife such as otters and birds. No mention of this is in the meeting documents. Proper assessments were being requested. Where are they?
I represent the Hengoed Ward which contains the Sandy Roundabout and am very unhappy about the suggestions for improvement of the current awful situation after the increase in traffic caused by the new housing developments and expansion of local schools and sixth form college. This roundabout is where the Wellness Centre western access road meets the A484 and there is no clarity on how the current gridlocked traffic will be dealt with. My residents already suffer damgerously high levels of air pollution. Widening road access on the roundabout cannot improve the gridlock caused in great part by traffic lights further on these roads, which are narrow residential roads and cannot be widened. The pollution will only be worsened by more traffic unless the flow can be improved along the length of the A484. The traffic plans are not practical. I therefore dispute the findings of the Council’s public protection statement on air quality.
Although the business case , thought to be flawed, is not a direct planning concern, its absence provides poor background guidance for the project for the councillors to make an informed judgement on the project.
With the UK Government, Welsh government, Swansea University and the Wales Audit office all investigating various questionable aspects of the Wellness Project, why is it being rushed to determination with the planning committee having incomplete and perhaps misleading information?
Does the Council leader think that if he starts building the various bodies will not look at the details and let the project proceed? I ask that you instruct your own planning department to check the validity and propriety of this application .
 Siân Caiach

Monday, 7 January 2019


Carmarthenshire County Council are trying to rush through planning permission for the Wellness centre on January 10th. It is perfectly legal for County Councils to give themselves planning permission on land that they themselves own. Naturally, it is pretty much a “shoo in”.
The Llanelli Wellness Centre project has lost its City Deal Support after it was exposed as not fulfilling the economic conditions for such a deal, primarily it had no private investment partners with money to put on the table. The UK and Welsh Government are investigating.

The  theoretically " Plaid Controlled" Carmarthenshire County Council has decided to present the planning application for approval by its own councillors on Jan 10th without publishing the business plan or even important details of the advice in correspondence from National Resources Wales who may not yet have fully approved the site plans.

Llanelli Floods 1981

The business case for this huge project was written by Swansea Academic Professor Marc Clement, has not been released to the ordinary councillors or this planning committee, never mind the public. The Wales Audit Office and Auditor General are supposed to be investigating the Delta Lakes Wellness project decision process. Why then press on before a decision is reached by the WAO as to the propriety of the project planning itself?

Looking at the documents many planning assessments of the site have apparently not yet been completed or even started.Some "findings" by the public protection team seem based on opinion rather than facts.

For example, NRW have not yet decided on the flood consequences on this tidal lake site adjacent to the estuary, which includes flood plains. The Council has yet to complete or even start basic safety tests, for instance actually testing the lake water and soils for current levels of pollution. NRW were not entirely satisfied with the wildlife protection and more data needs to be submitted by the Council. Could they have consulted NRW and not waited for the result?

The Council has decided to ignore the fact that access roads are in flood plains and although outside the site, are important issues to be addressed.

NRW wish, according to Council documents to impose planning conditions on the site, but these are not spelt out in the information to councillors. How can they decide without the full facts?

The Council are seriously short of money to build, I believe they have already borrowed £200 million to build the site but are still short of full funding as they thought they would get UK and WG funding via the city deal. Council leader Emlyn Dole now believes the investment can be funded by the rents and business rates from the buildings yet to be constructed.

I believe the rush the planning is to facilitate a perfectly legal but morally questionable "funding" strategy. After outline planning permission the site would still be a tidal swamp but it will be argued that it is now worth £millions more as a development site and this "fake" money will be put on the balance sheet as “investment”. But is not real money, you can’t buy anything with it. At best it is an asset to offer as collateral for more borrowing.

The councillors will have little time to read the documents and extreme pressure to rescue this project despite all of its obvious flaws. Otherwise they will lose credibility and its been made clear to the councillors that this is the only plan on the table for “jobs” in Llanelli . However, with no business plan its not even clear what the jobs will be?

This could lead to an expensive white elephant which could impoverish the area for decades as the local Government Debt was dealt with .If it is such a good idea where is the business case? Why not wait for WAO to decide if the project was properly considered or not?

The planning application is s/36948 to be determined on 10th January.
The planning minister at Welsh government is Julie James https://beta.gov.wales/julie-james-am or Correspondence.Julie.James@gov.wales
At any time before the application is decided anybody can email  to ask the minister to "call in" an application on planning grounds.If they agree the application may be delayed to allow investigation.

Siân Caiach,

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Carmarthenshire County Council- The Honey Trap. the threats, the lies.


You may recognise this quote from Donald Trump's presidential campaign .Its strength is that it resonates with people who believe they have no power, that their governments are corrupted .They believe they are being fed constant misinformation, their political leaders are out for themselves, and their own interests and basic needs ignored.

In Carmarthenshire you could delete the word "political" from the quote above. Once your County Councillors are elected, generally politics flies out the window. It is refreshing to see the present Labour Group Leader, Rob James, challenging the actions of the County Council where the motives and likely results are extremely questionable, Even barefaced lies used to be accepted without question to keep the status quo. Perhaps the little extras "good" councillors could collect, the titles and extra money that went with them, were an incentive?


Carmarthenshire County Council, I believe, has been run for the best part of 2 decades by senior Council Officers without proper control and input from the elected members. People like myself who stood up and pointed out the obvious flaws in the proposed vanity schemes and dubious projects were attacked not only by the local government civil servants whose ideas they were, but dozens of other councillors who did not want to rock the boat. Whether this was due to ambition or fear or both, the officers were, technically, supported by almost all elected members who voted for their daft schemes which often seem to end up largely paid for by the public and profits and benefits went to the favoured few.

 How did the "Scam" work

People usually stand for councils at the request of political parties or independent groups.They are selected for loyalty to the party.They need some finance for leaflets and posters and the main political parties provide this, making the successful councillors indebted to the parties for their help and financial support. Particularly well behaved are usually those who crave office and position. Many AM's and MP's were previously councillors.

The parties organise their members into a group and they are expected to act as a team and all vote the same way, sometimes irrespective of the interests of their own voters. As council matters are not reported widely in the local press people are generally ignorant of how their councillors vote. You can usually vote for your party and against the interests of your ward, town or village and still not effect your chances of re-election.

Add to this "councillor training sessions" led by council officers rather than experienced councillors.Of course the council officers should be there to provide any extra information or updates, but in my experience there is little practical advice and examples related to helping the people we represent. The general message is "this is the way things are done" and if you follow the rules, no harm will come to you.

The Leader of the Pack?

The top elected councillor, the Council Leader, is actually where the buck stops.If the pack leader is eating out the CEO's hand, democratic control has disappeared. It is not difficult for senior government civil servants to, in reality, have a free hand. In Carmarthenshire, officers can use the weakness of committee chairs to total control the council committee agendas. As the leader is responsible, in theory, for everything the Council does, a Chief Executive who has powerful influence over the Leader who has in theory, full power and the CEO no accountability, as"in theory, the elected Leader makes the decisions and carries the can.

 Councillors often are given chair positions as "sweeties" eg. to reward years of party loyalty and may know little about the administration and the subject of their committee. It comes with a considerable salary increase. Not a problem in Carmarthenshire where the Agendas are packed with presentations of how well the council is doing, community projects not particularly relevant and the approval of policies not even mentioned before being put on the agenda. You could be on a committee for years and learn very little about what is actually going on behind the comic book presentations and cheery statements.

You might sit on a committee s and know little about the management of that department.   If you upset the officers, for instance asking too many probing questions, your party may be requested to remove you from that committee. {I only attended  2 planning meetings before Plaid , on request of a senior officer, took me off }

I was on the Health and Social Care Committee of Carmarthenshire Council for 9 years. I never got to put any item on the agenda and was always told that the "officers wrote the agenda", Chairs were just there to keep order in the meetings. There was a fair amount of pressure to go along with whatever was suggested, and it was extremely difficult  for councillors to make any significant changes to proposals, I don't recall any.

The seductive steps of Carmarthenshire County Hall

Leadership and the Chief Executive.

How is the Leader controlled? In Carmarthenshire the Leaders  are seemingly chosen by Mark James. He "helps" the groups to form the administration. Currently the Plaid Cymru group leader is the Leader of Council. He is Cllr Emlyn Dole. It was said that the Plaid Cymru Group, were advised by Mr Mark James, that in order to get his support for Plaid Council leadership they had to  replace their former leader, Peter Hughes Griffiths with Emlyn Dole, Mark James' choice. Peter is a man with a lot of political experience and probably, in my opinion, a lot more more integrity than Emlyn. Definitely not so easily led. Perhaps he had to go, but was compensated with a year as Council Chair with a salary increase and use of a chauffeured car for official visits.

 Subsequently, as Leader, Emlyn was embroiled in a planning scandal where historic barns on his wife's farm were demolished in violation of their planning application. They then had to apply for a change in the planning or face rebuilding the barns as they had been. In support of the  application for retrospective planning it looks like a forged  signature on a document was presented, claiming the barns were dangerously unstable. The man concerned did not hold the view expressed in it, and says he did not sign it. A forged document submitted to support a planning application its usually pretty serious . Not in Carmarthenshire where the officers have apparently decided to let the matter lie. The County Councillors backed the application by a very small margin, with even the local Plaid Councillor for the ares not supporting him.

 Emlyn, famously,  promised a more open and democratic council, and clearly did not deliver. I don't know what has locked him into decisions which looked dodgy to me from the start,such as  vicious persecution of the blogger Jacqui Thompson  to pay for legal costs incurred through court action approved and paid for by a previous administration. Now he is insisting that the flawed City Deal Delta Lakes Project should go ahead, as it becomes exposed more and more as a project promising much but likely to deliver little and not standing up well to analytical scrutiny . Maybe the 2 barns scandal was an elephant trap set to keep him on side?

Who can stop the Rot?

Most experienced Carmarthenshire councillors have been serving under the regime described above and are used to the coercion and lack of clarity and truth. They may never have even noticed that anything was wrong. Maybe they suspended disbelief ? Maybe they though all councils were run this way? Maybe they are personally implicated in this or that and feeling a bit uncomfortable. Maybe they lack courage. Who knows?

 Cllr Rob James is serving his first term on this County Councillor but does have experience of being a County Councillor in Neath Port Talbot , where things I suspect, are run differently. He has the guts to stand up to the establishment. In my last term on Carmarthenshire Council I was rather alone in bringing up issues, I felt like it was only me in opposition. I'm not politically a Labour Party supporter but I'm glad to see the leader of the opposition actually doing his job.

I think the only sensible action to be taken now is for the Welsh Government to take a close interest in the workings of Carmarthenshire County Council. Other Councils have seemingly been put into special measures for less. The elected councillors will not face the voters until 2021. Are the majority of them competent enough to be allowed to carry on? The Welsh Government are the only body with power to decide this issue, and act before an election date..

 Wales suffers from poor governance at many levels and much time and money seems to be spent on cover ups rather than the real job, getting the best deal possible for our people. Its about time there were consequences for failure because the real losers are the people. Even Carmarthenshire Councillors cannot fool all of the people, all of the time. Especially if they act like fools themselves.

 Siân Caiach

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

A "No Deal" Brexit - a personal view by Robin Burn

Wise men, and many not so wise men, for decades, and in the case of Nostradamus tens of decades, have expended copious quantities of energy in postulation as to the demise of mankind, the world, the fate of nations, principally their demise.
We remain.
We only have to cast our minds back to the reams of documentation and discussion as to the fate of the world on the effect of the Millennium bug and the billions of pounds Euros and dollars spent on the totally unnecessary replacement of IT equipment . The marketing was brilliant.

The result of a leave decision of the 2016 referendum was prophesied by the Remainers was to be a total collapse of the UK economy. The opposite was a result of the vote to leave.
Now we have the dedicated singled minded Remainers prophesying the same result of a "No Deal Brexit".

The reality of the situation is, and always has been, that, the resilience of the nation overcomes whatever adversity comes their way.
For too long, the reaction of those individuals who find themselves on the wrong side of the argument and decisions made ,resort to the malicious use of fear scaremongering to present their arguments.

 Westminster Debate

This nation, and I include those of Scotland and Wales, and that on the Northern side of the Border in Ireland, have served these islands with the ability to create wealth and prosperity. Firstly the wool trade, then came industrialisation, coal, fuelled the rest of the world, engineering gave mechanical power to produce commodities, advances in medicine served the populous, advances in science created modern technology, the list goes on.

We need to fear nothing, as a scientist and engineer, I am proud to be counted amongst my fellows who served and those serving this nation. Remember this country exported not only its goods but its ideas, to the benefit of Industrial nations around the world.
This nation survived two major debilitating world wars, and prospered after each.

Ingenuity and inventiveness served us well.

There may well be a short-term negative effect with a "No Deal Brexit".However for the reasoning debated above,long term prosperity will resume.

It’s time that those who profess that they only serve the peoples’ interest, do so , grasp the opportunity presented to this nation and practise what they preach.

Robin Burn I Eng FIMMM

Monday, 17 December 2018

Llanelli City Deal Swamped ?

City Deals are a UK government project to stimulate economic growth by allowing local government and local businesses to invest in city based projects. They are part of a policy produced by the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition in Westminster and were designed as agreements between the UK Government and UK Cities. The UK Government issues a large grant and permission to borrow a much larger sum of money. Private companies are to match fund the investment.
The problem for Wales is that we have no large cities by European Standards. It is true that sizeable cities appear to generate much of the economic growth in Western Economies. So areas without big city hubs have, in their City Deal type schemes, been encouraged to pretend that they are big cities or large, populous regions equivalent to cities, and embrace these deals on the same sort of terms, presumably expecting the same promised benefit.
How has this gone so sour in Llanelli? What went wrong when our small, post industrial town was joined up with the Swansea Bay City Deal by Carmarthenshire County Council in the hope of being mistaken for a part of a vibrant and growing City?
Delta Lakes - before development

Proposed Wellness project - what might have been

These deals were offered  by the UK  government in “partnership” with local government and in our area are run by the County Councils of Neath Port Talbot, Swansea, Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire under the overall leadership of our Carmarthenshire Chief Executive, Mark James.
In Llanelli the Delta Lakes Wellness Centre proposal, already once rejected at Welsh Government Level, was resurrected to take advantage of this “free” money.
However, something has gone wrong. Perhaps the County Councillors should have been suspicious about the lack of a business plan when they were asked to approve the whole plan. My only claim to fame is that I was the only councillor to vote against it. Captivated by the promise of jobs, my colleagues were seduced into supporting a project with little evidence that it could deliver anything.
I recall former Council leader, Meryl Gravell in a full council meeting ,confidently explaining that the wealthy people on the new coastal housing estates close to the Project site would use the fitness and private medical facilities ,while poorer people from South Llanelli would have jobs in cleaning, maintenance, security and social care.
This was never submitted as a business case. The actual business case document has only recently emerged but has not been seen by anyone except the Plaid Cymru led Council Executive Board and the senior council officers. The author of the document has been suspended by Swansea University. How much of a fairy story it is we should soon find out.
Later Mark James would remark that a drug company was interested in the site as the nearby stable population was ideal for testing new drugs. Again, no actual evidence put forward. The promised new jobs rose from “up to 400” to "over 2000" , again without detail or explanation. Maybe the business case, when released after the investigations, will reveal all, or perhaps nothing..
The local Health Boards and Universities were “on Board” but not in any position to help fund the expensive project. The “private partner” turned out to be a company in debt and  apparently without access to the millions needed to match fund the deal.
The problem now is that the project is on hold due to concerns about the viability and propriety of the deal. The County Council are now reassuring us that they can deliver the project in other ways. The question is whether this ever was a good deal at all? Hopefully the truth will out as external investigations now underway reveal what was really going on?

My experience of the Public Sector , in both County Council and in the Welsh NHS, is that these questionable  financial plans are accepted because there are no serious adverse consequences when disasters happen. Many mishaps are just covered up. A leading manager might move on, a chair may resign but no one faces court or serious professional injury. Be a whistle blower as I was in the NHS and your career is trashed. I've seen whistle blowers in the Council suffer the same fate.

Our politicians moan about austerity but  turn a blind eye to massive misappropriation and misuse of public money in institutions supposedly under the control of the Welsh Government. It has to stop.

Siân Caiach

Monday, 3 December 2018

Membership of which empire? What do we want for Christmas?


Currently Plaid Leader Adam Price is claiming that the EU is the place for Wales to be. The gist is  that if you need to be a vassal state [and Wales has a great history and experience of  being one] then the European Union is more friendly and cuddly than the United Kingdom. "We clearly are leaving the wrong union" he says.
Love Padlocks on the Rhine today - is one from Adam?

Presumably Adam wishes Wales to rejoin the EU after Brexit, following gaining independence from the UK.


Plaids Cymru's' current policy is for its MP's to reject any Brexit deal in Westminster, support a "Peoples' Vote"and/or vote down the UK government to have a general election, even though current polls show Plaid is likely to lose 1 seat if this comes to pass. Not the greatest game plan unless Plaid can quickly turn around their current fortunes. and a Peoples Vote is viable anyway.

Since the 2016 Brexit referendum the E.U. have shown their true colours towards secession in supporting the central government of Spain against Catalan separatists, even when the separatists declared their intention of staying in the EU after their eventual Independence.

 Surely the cosy Plaid Cymru opinion that the E.U. loves minorities, their languages and culture and rights to self determination should be shattered? Apparently Adam is all for the cute fairy story EU and believes an independent Cymru should, certainly rejoin the controlling and centrist EU monolith super state the EU currently craves to be.


Ah, say Plaid Cymru, Wales has changed its mind on Brexit, with polls now showing an about turn on the County's decision to leave the EU. In fact the results show a 50/50 picture with the leavers split into 30% for "hard" Brexit and 20% for "soft" Brexit,  Considering the variations between polls and results last time no-one can be certain of reversing Brexit through the " Peoples Vote"

 Theresa May maybe has the worst of all worlds with her current" deal" .The "Peoples Vote" want 3 options on their ballot :-(1), remain in the EU, (2) have a soft Brexit, or (3) a hard Brexit. No-one will spot that this is rather a biased choice.designed to split the pro-Brexit vote. That 's not going to happen. A straight, binary choice is s political gamble few mainstream politicians will risk. A general election may not resolve anything, and the issues are crammed with opinion, pouring  a confusing fog over what may or may not be the Brexit game today.


I suspect that despite the declarations of the E.U. negotiators declaring that this is the final offer, it is not, and Brexit, hard or soft, will be achieved rather than a reversal of the referendum vote. My only solid information on that opinion comes from a local bookmaker who can at least see where the bets are being placed and on his results, the money says we are leaving.

 However we peasants in Wales are powerless  as we can only watch  MP's  perform a poorly choreographed and clumsily executed dance of  Brexit gambits and wait to eventually observe the as yet unpredictable results. All of us may only be spectators, but the line has surely been drawn and the curse cast?.

Donkey or golden calf anyone ? 
 Siân Caiach