About People First

Gwerin Gyntaf – People First is a Welsh political party. Membership is open to all who wish to help and serve their communities as true independents.

Each issue has to be examined and judged in the interests of our communities and action taken as necessary. We will help like-minded activists and ordinary folk to find solutions to problems and improve our society.

A New Movement - A Better Democracy by Cllr. Arthur Davies 

A principled group of people who want real grassroots change.
A group who work together, an independent thinking people’s group.
A challenge to the ‘status quo’ strangle-hold of immoral self-interest party politics, no whip and allowed to disagree with each other.

No party rules, a spokeperson rather than a formal  leader.
Everyone is a leader, a community leader!

A fresh way of working together unlike the ‘sheep-like’ mentality of party politics.
Freedom of speech, of ideas, being a part of a self-supporting, self-sustaining forum.

Our basis are fundamental agreed ethics, morals and principles.
An honourable group of free radicals capable and competent of innovative thinking.
Simple aims, simple structure, simple vision – to represent the interests of our communities and nothing else.

Community morality reflected and enshrined by councillor integrity, honesty & honour.
A haven for people to develop the courage to stand up for what they believe in!!
A movement through which ordinary people can tell their stories and get help with their problems.

Three basic practical principles –

1.  Public Debate - a regular public forum and frequent local consultation
2.  Commonsense Politics - working with people towards what they need
3.  Working Together for the best interest  of the community

People’s Needs, People’s Democracy = PEOPLE FIRST