Saturday 9 August 2014

Our County

Posted by Stephen Bowen. As the chief executive, several directors and senior staff leave Carmarthenshire County Council, a poem of hope                                                

     Our County.

The time has come, for a change at the top,
for all to relish, and not to stop,

To realise the County’s dreams
and not to keep cutting , away at the seams,

to bring back fairness, and transparency,
to all those people who can see,

the lack of vision, and to improve the lot,
of everyone’s lives, and to stop the rot,

that’s settled in our towns  galore
to bring back more vibrance -as before

and to look to our future, and everyone’s plight
To revitalise Carmarthenshire, and to shine more bright

Stephen Royston Bowen

October 1st 2014