People First have represented the community in Llanelli, Carmarthen and Kidwelly in the past

Sian Caiach






Llanelli Rural Council

07935  03 02 79

Sian Caiach is a Llanelli Rural Councillor, doctor and mother of 4. She has been victimised in the past for telling the public the truth about misuse of NHS resources for private practice. As a councillor she has been criticised by colleagues for openly discussing the County Council's plans for cuts. Sian was a County Councillor for 9 years before losing that seat in May 2017. 

Sian believes in an open society with nothing about public services hidden from the people who pay for them. She wants a different form of democracy, where those elected promise to be honest, open and, above all, represent the people who elected them. 

Political Parties are not working, especially in local government. People need a voice.”

Neil Burman

Recently elected to Trimsaran Community Council May 2017