Wednesday 22 February 2012

People First / Gwerin Gyntaf - a better way to deliver democracy by Arianwen Caiach-Taylor

Nowadays, the political landscape is a dangerous place to be, both as a participant and for the concerned bystander. Relatively prosperous times have bred a climate of stuffy ambivalence, and taking up the cross of government has become just another career with petty power struggles and selfish ambition the watchwords. The responsibility towards the public has become an irritating burden, and the voters and taxpayers are seen as an annoying obstacle to be overcome instead of actual living people with very real problems and concerns.

For some, this situation has become intolerable. Veteran councillors Sian Caiach and Arthur Davies, having become disillusioned by the unsympathetic attitude of many of their fellow councillors, would like to propose an alternative to squabbling parties and unhelpful Independents. Both councillors know that the voters should be the first priority, not party or dogma, not money or power.

Sian and Arthur stand as Independents but have adopted strict principles, written by former independent MP Martin Bell. These principles ensure that representatives pledge to act on behalf of their voters, stay independent of any group or party and decide on each issue on its merits, relying on their common sense, their knowledge of their voters' needs and local consultation on major issues.

Political Parties have grown distant from the people. Instead of the people coming first, big business, outside interests, party loyalty or even the banks are given priority, as we have found to our cost. The old system has bankrupted the nation and we are now forced to pay the price.

People First/Gwerin Gyntaf is a new way of delivering democracy. A template for a new, honest politics, a system for sticking up for local communities and their services and safety. We aim to provide excellent representation for local voters. We have already begun to make an impact locally in seeking out and delivering the public opinion, and as a pressure group in the council. If you would like to support us or if you simply feel your voice is not being heard, please contact us at or Parc Farm, Trimsaran Road, Cwmbach, Carms. SA15 4RD.

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