Friday 20 April 2012

The cost of senior council officers to the tax payer

People First candidate Dennis Warwick is standing in the Trimsaran ward against the Leader of the "Independent" group Meryl Gravelle. Last year, while working for Unison, Dennis sent out a leaflet called "Senior Staffing Costs"  (link below) to all 4500 Unison members in the county. 

All figures are estimated and based on information gleaned from the Authority. The county council complained about the leaflet, but failed to provide any figures of their own. 

The amount that WE as tax payers pay out to reward these senior managers is staggering and it has to stop. 

For example, the figures shown for the Chief Executive reveal that he costs the tax payer in salary and "on costs" a hefty £4423 per week!

(Note: The "on costs" referred to in the leaflet include costs on top of salary such as NI contributions and pension payments).

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