Tuesday 12 May 2015

Elections and Governments

Our first try at a Westminster election was not very impressive. However, a lot of lessons were learned and any future attempts will benefit from that. Labour won well due to a well respected and hard working MP. Plaid in second place fought hard and UKIP and the Conservatives had a good showing. Considering our severe financial constraints I think we did well but we must seriously fund raise if we are going to fight any more constituency or regional elections and not simply have a "whip round" for funds as we need them. Many thanks for those who have donated to us. Also for the first time People First / Gwerin Gyntaf has a bank account and paypal account!

For you political pundits, we had 1,1% of the vote with 407, close to the average independent/microparty vote of 430. Here are full results courtesy of Wikipedia.

General Election 2015: Llanelli [10][11][12][13][14][15][16]
LabourNia Rhiannon Griffith15,94841.3−1.1
Plaid CymruVaughan Williams8,85323.0−7.0
UKIPKenneth Denver Rees6,26916.3+13.5
ConservativeSelaine Saxby5,53414.30.0
Liberal DemocratCen Phillips7511.9−8.5
GreenGuy Martin Smith6891.8N/A
People FirstSiân Mair Caiach4071.1N/A
TUSCScott Jones1230.3N/A
Labour holdSwing−2.3

The UK result was of course a majority for the Conservatives who came 4th in Llanelli.

Many thanks to all the people who voted for me, put out leaflets for me and supported me through the weeks of the campaign, especially when my accident in January meant I lost my mobility and good looks for some time. Also deep gratitude to those who donated money to the campaign.

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