Saturday 11 July 2015

The dragons are yellow !

Y Ddraig Goch is a lovely flag, the red dragon against white and green background. Refreshingly different from the many stripes and crosses of other national flags, unforgetable and one to be proud of . In Llanelli the only hint that Llanelli Labour are a Welsh outfit is a couple of welsh flags in their office bay windows.

Clearly the staff are distracted by something as usually a major and unfortunate change in the national flag would be noted and dealt with.
Time and sun have done their worst and the dragons have over the past few weeks gradually faded to YELLOW.
They have not yet been replaced.

Possibly a portent of political change, the poor dragons realising that the colour of socialism is no longer appropriate in this particular office window? Will they fade so much that finally they resemble the wierd bird on the Lib Dem Logo? who knows?

Personally, I feel the urge to move labour to the right will not help, even if the liberal democrats have generously faded even more than these dragons, that vaguely centre right niche is not a safe one, and the problems of the Labour Party seem more seriously organic, and not by any means entirely due to ideology. Although not under a single threat as in Scotland, former Labour voters are showing their unhappiness by gifting their votes to other parties.  I envisage that a  UKIP dragon could also as yellow, showing up well on the union jack ??

 GREAT NEWS! As of 20/07/2015 the red dragons are back, So someone in the office finally noticed and found a retirement home for the poorfaded  yellow ones...Could it be in preparation for a Jeremy Corbyn support meeting ? No Corbyn posters in the window yet but I'll keep an eye out for them.

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