Saturday 17 October 2015

Here Comes the New Boss

Clem Thomas
Well done Jeremy Corbyn. At last socialism has returned to the faux Tory Party that for too long has been masquerading as Labour, Welsh Labour (doesn't exist!) and New Labour. I wish him well, but I fear for him since he will have to deal with one of the most fickle electorates in the world: the shallow, cliché driven people of Middle England.

Two things about this recent Labour election are worrying though. One is that according to all the media reports the Labour Party only just managed to pull off a relatively simple internal election. It nearly foundered several times before Corbyn was elected and this does not inspire confidence in a party that wants to govern the UK. Big party in a brewery comes to mind!

Two, for some time I have been concerned about Labour's interpretation of Democracy. I learned first hand when a community councillor that once a majority of Labour voters pass something they then feel totally justified in imposing this decision on the majority at large -- because Labour's majority, not the majority of people, has voted for it. And as I know too well that action can be brutal and cynical.
Labour's Welsh division are only allocated the "fun-sized"
megaphones, lest they start getting ideas about speaking up

But now to Wales. To be realistic there is no point at all in wondering what Corbyn's new 'line up' means for us. If Nia Griffith's example is anything to go by we can expect more of what we are used to: loud and busy campaigning locally, ever so all for the people, but only until there is a vote in Parliament when all Labour MP's from Wales will do exactly as they are told by their slave masters in Labour's London HQ.

Most annoying though is the fact that we in Wales only ever get fifty percent of a voice. That is, Labour gets very hot and bothered, chest beating and all, when there is a Tory Government in London. Hard to find anyone more self righteous. But just wait until there is a Labour Government in Westminster and the whip is cracked. It is then good bye to a voice for Wales as all the Labour MP's from Wales put on a truly dazzling display of forelock knuckling in order to appease their English masters.

For goodness sake, Welsh people, wake up will you and stop voting for a party that puts Party before People. We had a very sinister example of that thinking somewhere around seventy years ago!


  1. "It is then good bye to a voice for Wales as all the Labour MP's from Wales put on a truly dazzling display of forelock knuckling in order to appease their English masters." As far as I can recall the last Labour Government was led by a Scot with several Scots in the shadow cabinet! Going back further, Callaghan, Foot and Kinnock all Welsh constituency MPs. You can't blame the English for everything.

    It's worth bearing in mind that UKIP came third in Llanelli with 6200 votes taking a massive bite out of Plaid and the Lib Dems (the increase in UKIP votes was up 13.5% compared to 7% and 8% drops for Plaid and Lib dems respectively). When you're discussing "Little England" you can't beat the UKIP Daily Mail reading rhetoric yet here they are, the third biggest party in a major Labour heartland.

    I feel that this is where the problem lies, when a disaffected working class swings to the Right because the Left and Nationalist parties have nothing substantial to offer.

  2. "Pay attention. I did not blame the English -- but the Labour Party and gullible and cowardly Welsh people. Or did I touch a nerve?


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