Monday 30 November 2015

"Some Sort Of Labour People"

I usually spend a few hours in Llanelli town centre every Monday sorting out my personal business. This is often a pleasant affair since it is when I also meet friends and family.

The Monday of the 5th. October started out no different from previous Mondays, and I was enjoying my day out - until that is, I took my customary stroll around the market. After being there for a few minutes I noticed groups of well dressed people walking about in large and small clusters and looking very self-important. I asked several people who they were but no one seemed to know exactly. The closest I got to an explanation were one or two comments to the effect that they were "Some sort of Labour people."

Not a full explanation but a clue nevertheless because it was then that I noticed several Labour Councillors in these groups. And then I turned into one of aisles between the  market stalls only to be confronted by a walkway-wide phalanx of these visitors. They filled the space, sort of wall to wall, glaring about them. Maybe they thought they looked intimidating. Anyway, it is not and never has been my habit to retreat in the face of such an advance so I squeezed myself as tight as I could against the side of the nearest stall so that they could pass.

I have lived in places where some political differences have been settled with machetes or bullets - so, intimidated by them? Don't make me laugh! But I was shocked when one of them, when drawing level to me actually pushed me aside (I couldn't go far) without a word and marched onwards with her gang. It was not really much of a push but it was an arrogant 'get out of my way' gesture all the same. By the time I had dug out my Provox speaking aid from my pocket her group had turned a corner and moved on.

A little while later I found out that these groups were part of a crowd of Labour hobnobs accompanying First Minister Carwyn Jones on his visit to Llanelli. What for? Was this supposed to endear him to voters like myself? Did they think such arrogant behaviour was the best way to gain votes? Llanelli people are not daft nor are they doormats, but I do know they have long memories - and so do I.

Roll on May 2016!

Clem Thomas

Carwyn visits Llanelli Marketplace and attempts to buy bananas in full formal wear just like us lesser beings do. Not pictured: the three little old ladies and two wheelchair-users shoved out of the way to get this shot. [photo credit: Llanelli Star]

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