Wednesday 24 October 2018

Post Brexit Our Welsh Labour Government may truly change the face of Wales

Farming is important to almost all of Wales. Only one constituency, Cardiff Central, has no farms. Brexit gives an opportunity to change farming policy, but the current suggestion of our Welsh Labour Government is likely to cause considerable harm. Trees do need to be planted and even commercial forestry is said to be falling behind in replanting  stocks. Trees have many benefits to the environment but trees, like any crop, to have maximum survival and growth rates, need care and husbandry. Sites need to be suitable and training given. All this should be properly funded. After planting the retention of the trees depends on further funding.But bringing in schemes in haste and cutting other farming subsidies could cause farming businesses to fail and the loss of distinctive countryside, livestock and food production and all the businesses who rely on Agriculture will be affected. .  

The speed of the change and the rest of the UK and the EU still being subsided by farm payments puts our farmers at a disadvantage. Planting trees is generally a good idea,but planting them quickly on a huge scale and taking away subsidies for ordinary food producing farming may not  be so clever when our neighbours and competitors still keep the current payments and as a result produce their food cheaper. Labour believe all farmers in Wales will probably vote Plaid or Conservative. No loss to the Labour vote then, if farms go under due to this policy?.

Our farmlands now - will it be all trees soon?
The Welsh Government consultation closes on the 30th October. But is it really listening? 
Gwyn Wigley Evans has issued this press release below and asks that friends of farming  complete the consultation and give their opinions.
 Siân Caiach, 


Farming as we know it in Wales is about to disappear and it's all down to Lesley Griffiths from Her Majesty's Government in Wales
All 27 countries in Europe along with Scotland and Northern Ireland will be keeping the BASIC PAYMENT SCHEME (BPS) which is the lifeline to farmers on the Uplands in particular
A committee which was composed of mainly environmental groups, NRW (forestry commission to you and me, in new expensive clothing) and the traitorous CLA have come up with a unique formula to save agriculture after Brexit
Quite the opposite, they want to plant trees, 150,000 acres, which will get rid of 1,400 farms, it's the Highland clearance again (Scotland are not going down this road) with the devastation that will cause........... and they still want to produce food!
The countryside as you know it will disappear in large tracts of Our Nation/Ein Gwlad and their communities
The closing date for the consultation is 30th OCTOBER (next Monday)
I have filled the form  and I attach it for anyone to see
The questions have been formulated to give the answer they want.
The link is below to fill the consultation, please get as many people as you can to do so and help the farming community that is so vital the length and breadth of Your Nation
Thank you all

Gwyn Wigley Evans
Agriculture Spokesman

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