Thursday 21 March 2019

The Brexit End Game?

Robin Burn updates his views on Brexit as March 29th looms

Wise men, and many not so wise men, for decades, and in the case of Nostradamus tens of decades, have expended copious quantities of energy in postulation as to the demise of mankind, the world, the fate of nations, principally their demise.
We remain.
We only have to cast our minds back to the reams of documentation and discussion as to the fate of the world on the effect of the Millennium bug and the billions of pounds Euros and dollars spent on the totally unnecessary replacement of IT equipment . The marketing was brilliant.

The result of a leave decision of the 2016 referendum was prophesied by the remainers was to be a total collapse of the UK economy. The opposite was a result of the vote to leave.
Now we have the dedicated singled minded remainers prophesying the same result of a no deal brexit.

Theresa May who offers Deal or no Deal next Tuesday

The reality of the situation is, and always has been, that, the resilience of the nation overcomes whatever adversity comes their way.
For too long, the reaction of those individuals who find themselves on the wrong side of the argument and decisions made ,resort to the malicious use of fear scaremongering to present their arguments.

This nation, and I include those of Scotland and Wales, and that on the Northern side of the Border in Ireland, have served these islands with the ability to create wealth and prosperity. Firstly the wool trade, then came industrialisation, coal, fuelled the rest of the world, engineering gave mechanical power to produce commodities, advances in medicine served the populous, advances in science created modern technology, the list goes on.

We need to fear nothing, as a scientist and engineer, I am proud to be counted amongst my fellows who served and those serving this nation. Remember this country exported not only its goods but its ideas, to the benefit of Industrial nations around the world.
This nation survived two major debilitating world wars, and prospered after each.

Ingenuity and inventiveness served us well.
There may well be a short-term negative effect, however for the reasoning debated above,long term prosperity will resume.

It’s time that those who profess that they only serve the peoples’ interest, do so , grasp the opportunity presented to this nation and practise what they preach.

Update :March 19th 2019 ; Ten days to leaving day
With hindsight – a wonderful instinct to be blessed with for those have it , the majority of voters who mandated Parliament to leave the European Union, 17.4 million, would have recognised that this was going to be difficult.
From the onset the leaders and decision makers in the remaining 27 nations, made it quite clear that the payment and cost of leaving, would be high and the limit of our benefits receivable on leaving would be very limited.
There was to be no cherry picking of benefits, only acceptance of any benefits deemed acceptable to the European Union.
It is proving to be extremely difficult.
The question is why it is proving so.
The answers are quite clear.
The Ruling Party has no overall majority, the result of a failed attempt to find a good working majority, by calling a snap election.
Both parties, ruling and in opposition are deeply divided equally by leavers and remainers.
The parliament as a whole has a superior majority of Members whom are committed remainers.
The leave members are also divided between those wishing a clean break without any dealings with the Union and those wishing to leave with a good working relationship with the Union.
What is causing a concern to the nation who voted leave, 52% of the vote,is the fact that the democratic outcome is not being adhered to, that is the acceptance of the vote, by those members with remain tendencies.
This is an abuse of the democratic process, the will of the people is being usurped by the collective will of the members who do not wish to leave.
An insurmountable situation on paper, but resolvable by supreme effort with an uncertain outcome.
The only certain outcome today is that come what may, departure date is the 29th March 2019 by statute.

Robin Burn I Eng FIMMM

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  1. This referendum was a travesty as originally it was to gauge how the UK population felt towards staying in the EU. EU was being blamed for everything and anything such as it's rules and laws but the UK during it's membership had fully participated in constructing many of them even proposing some. Austerity, lack of money for our public services etc. was not instigated by the EU but was caused by our own Government's actions. The rich bods who instigated Brexit are making sure no harm will come to them even if we end up with a no deal exit. So many lies were told with the Brexiteers playing on the prejudices of many who were suffering under austerity. We now find workers & professionals we need to fill vacancies in NHS, Social Care, agriculture and many other skill related industries have found the UK's attitude to them as foreigners (migrants) very unwelcoming. This is how the far right gets followers by demonising people such as migrants and by race. In the past we became rich by exploiting other countries and their people and by exploiting our own poor & working people. This is still the way but not so easy to get away with as we are protected to some extent by hard fought for employment laws and the human rights act. Many UK workers have gone to other EU countries to work just as we have EU workers here and from outside EU too. 51.9% of those who voted in the referendum voted leave with 48.1% voting remain and 25,359 spoiled ballots. Of the 46,500,001 electorate who could have voted only 33,551,983 did that's 72%. Our leaders decided the 1,271,241 more votes leave got proved the UK population overwhelmingly wanted to get out of the EU (there was nothing overwhelming about it). For such a small number to be able to null and void a partnership in place to bring prosperity and peace to countries that have fought many battles against each other in the past seems ludicrous. It is no wonder we are fighting to remain as to leave with such a small number of votes difference, causing such upheaval and upset, beggars belief. EU is not perfect but we can, if we want to, effect change from within and the laws we helped put in place also protect us in UK when our judicial system fails us especially when it comes to human rights. If nothing else we need another referendum so as we, the electorate can, now we know more, have another vote as to whether to stay in or leave with or without a deal. I believe those who fought to bring Brexit about are afraid to give us a say and the reason is they are afraid more than the 72% might vote and some may have changed their minds after seeing and experiencing what leaving the EU actually entails. Also voters, too young at the time of the last referendum, who worry about such as global warming and realise countries need to be working together to help each other is more important than thinking only of self at the expense of others.


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