Wednesday 25 March 2015

Gauging the Mood

I've listened a lot in the last few weeks, trying to find the mood of Llanelli. So far I have observed that almost everyone wants change, a fairer society and opportunity for improving this area. A few, mainly the elderly with good pensions, are quite content and fear changes which will worsen their lives.

Politicians are rated not much higher than bankers and debates on the degree of cuts and the speed of reducing the UK deficit are certainly not changing the mood. The old parties are offering different shades of the same colours, with none standing out as attractive or different.

Above all, I feel people want justice and fairness. They want the authorities at all levels to take notice, public servants to do their jobs and not fob people off with lame excuses. They want honest answers and to be treated equally, just as well as those who they see as being favoured by having friends within the system. They want decent health care with prompt access. They see through the spin of "better this and that" which fails to hide the cuts in services.

Yes, we should make every penny of public money count, but the establishment have not hidden the waste of public money, locally supporting pet private projects which have done little for society as a whole. No wonder we suspect greed and corruption even if the truth may be more mundane, such as gullibility, incompetence, stupidity or a moment of confusion where the wrong option was chosen in error. The same people, or the same sort of people, seem to be the winners and the ordinary people the losers yet again, however you vote. 

Elected representative of the people should be just that - representative. It's a job which is done on behalf of the people of Llanelli to represent them. It is not designed for those who want easy money, power and influence for themselves. We vote to give our power to a Member of Parliament not for them to further their own career but for them to further our interests. That's why parties don't often work well for local areas. Sometimes you get a good, powerful member of parliament who has you in their mind day and night and promotes your interests at every turn, whatever their colleagues say, but they are rare. It is much easier for your MPs to toe the line, take your money and do very little for you.

Even with a Labour Welsh Government, a Labour MP, a Labour AM and a Labour County Council, the Labour party could not stop the decline of health services in Llanelli and the downgrading of Prince Philip's A&E department to minor injuries and illness only. The reason's could have been big money interests somewhere else, shroud waving, high ranking doctors who didn't like travelling here from Carmarthen, Labour health ministers who couldn't get a handle on the health service or even just some political bullies who wanted all the sweeties and our lot were too polite or intimidated to ask for a fair share. I don't know, but please feel free to ask the people concerned when they knock your door. I'll certainly be asking at our hustings!

I believe in a better, fairer society where all of us are first and treated equally. It will take a little time, but I truly believe that by voting for me it will come faster. I am not a member of a big party with huge riches and prestige to gain. I use the same NHS hospitals as you, my children go to the same schools, I have to navigate the same roads and the same hopeless bureaucracy. Your interests are mine, and my interest is you.

-Siân Caiach

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