Wednesday 1 April 2015

A People First Manifesto for Llanelli.

Our surveys have examined the concerns of local people in Llanelli and have shown some points of consensus, and others not so clear cut.

There is agreement that the Assembly should have more powers, Wales should have parity with Scotland, and that we need less local government cuts and more council reform. Also there is overwhelming support for free prescriptions, the pensioner's bus pass and stopping the bedroom tax. Many people are concerned about immigration even though it is not a big issue locally. There was also strong support for a recall process for MPs and merging the Welsh Health Service into one body to share resources.

In the background is the economic crisis and few believe that the proposed policies of various cuts, borrowing and spending plans will make much difference. This is a very slow recovery and there are still unresolved financial issues which may yet plunge us again into recession. 

Politicians are not well thought of and the expenses scandal not forgotten. I will not take the 10% pay rise if elected and donate this amount to local charities on an annual basis. I will employ as many of my staff as possible in a Llanelli Office, use local printers and suppliers and support local businesses and organisations in every way I can. 

My campaign is modest and will cost around £1500, mainly for a modest leaflet for every household in Llanelli and District which the post office will deliver for free for each candidate. If you would like to help out with that cost please use the donate button!

Many thanks,

Sian Caiach

A short Manifesto for Llanelli 

What's Best For Llanelli. - We pledge to:

* Stop cuts to Prince Philip Hospital - its unfair to cut more in Carmarthenshire's largest and poorest area and to keep and expand services in Carmarthen. 

* Protect social services for elderly care including local care homes for the frail elderly.

* Support the old town centre by renovating buildings fully, restoring the flats above shops and helping start-up local businesses and increasing free parking..

* Have an MP who will reject the 10% salary increase, donating it to local charities instead. All MP expenses to be openly listed and published weekly.

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  1. I assume by the date on the blog that this is of course your joke manifesto and you have a more complete one ready to be released very soon.


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