Friday 5 February 2016

Forget the Labour Party

Its coming up to election time again and my anger is triggered by Labour propaganda that now regularly contaminates my letter box.
Just over 100 years ago Labour seduced our working class with promises of Home Rule, and once they had thus captured our people they then did all they could (still doing it!) to stifle Welshness. Labour catastrophically promotes imperialism on to a betrayed people under the guise of 'Internationalism' -- so long as that maintains England's superiority in all things.
Any expressions or aspirations of national identity (always great for the English, but not for us) is quickly labelled 'nationalism' and then is childishly and poisonously made out to be akin to Nazism.
Welsh Labour does not exist, and the term should be discontinued immediately. If Trading Standards had any integrity they would step in. Some hope!
Labour here in Llanelli and in much of Wales has a shocking record of campaigning locally (misleading our people once again!) but then voting the opposite way in Cardiff or Westminster when their real bosses in London tell them to.
Labour should stop using smoke and mirrors tactics in order to create false and time-wasting campaign topics -- and once again mislead our people.
They should work with other parties if they have a good idea or policy -- instead of persisting with their current 'dog in a manger' attitude of voting against good things that might benefit people in wards they don’t control; e.g. Community Halls/Centres. How dare they short change our people like that!
Over the past few years (that I know about anyway) Labour has nearly always opposed plans that either they did not think of themselves or are plans put forward that would benefit communities who had the cheek to not produce a majority vote for Labour. In other words, no matter how good or beneficial a scheme may be, too many Labour councillors would rather see the people go without if it means another party may get the plaudits for good works. It appears that all too often only the Labour Party must benefit -- certainly not you the electorate!
Examples? Labour councillors here in Llanelli opposed the building of the new community hall in Furnace and also the new community hall in Llangennech. Both of those enterprises are resounding success stories. And as a former community councillor myself I witnessed many times how often very good suggestions were put down by them -- simply because they did not think of them first.
But then again perhaps, poor souls, they have only bad examples to follow. All too often our local Labour politicians run around the area loudly protesting about something and supporting local campaigners -- until their bosses in London, London mind you, not Cardiff, tell them to toe the line. And they do so every time. Yes sir, three bags full, sir!
But there is always a silver lining if one looks hard enough. More and more, newer people are coming forward to enter politics on behalf of you the people, and answerable only to you. Some of them act independently while some form new parties. One such party is People First/Gwerin Gyntaf. Why not check them out and maybe even help to restore some dignity and openness to our local government -- before it is too late!
You the people deserve far better representation than Labour. There's an important election coming along soon so don't let those fickle dogs in the manger mislead you any more!
Clem Thomas

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  1. The real interests of Labour have not changed since Blair.You cannot trust parties who support a system of government which does not recognise anything other than its own interests and those of whom it represents: which is the rich and powerful.


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