Thursday 11 February 2016

The Welsh "Immigrant Crisis" for our NHS

Every year many retirees and others, mainly from England, make their homes in Wales. Since many are elderly, they soon need medical help. Over time the cost of this extra burden can get considerable while at the same time we hear idiots like Cameron sniping at the quality of the NHS in Wales! The technology is already in existence to allow these people to be accompanied by the remaining portions of their NHS contributions over their lifetimes when they cross the border.As far as I know this does not happen.

In Carmarthenshire and other areas it is even Council Planning policy  to encourage the building of "luxury" homes to attract new residents, mainly elderly, with the risk of negative impact on social services.and healthcare.Again, no money follows other than a few extra council tax payments.

I find it annoying, especially nowadays when we hear so much bleating from England about refugees coming to England and getting NHS treatment when they have not contributed a penny!

The Welsh NHS, like all of Wales, is already short-changed financially by Westminster so we are actually subsidising the English NHS by taking what would have been their workload.

Members of the Pembrey over 60's club, recently 
forced to disband when the Councill increased the hall rental

It is despicable that the English Government do not pay for their ex-pats in a neighbouring country whose NHS they have starved for decades. How dare some English politicians criticise our NHS when they impose on it this way. If we are a union of equal Nations we should have had equal investment in our NHS where in fact we have been starved of money by Westminster. They cannot have it both ways... oops, but they do, because Plaid Cymru and the slavish so-called Welsh Labour say nothing!

Clem Thomas

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