Saturday 11 April 2015

Should Carmarthenshire go it alone or join with its neighbours?

This coming week Carmarthenshire Council debates whether or not to co-operate with a local government merger or go it alone. However, what the Councillors decide can be overuled  by the Welsh Government anyway
Personally I feel that Carmarthenhsire is a basket case in many areas and would benefit from meeting up with an organisation or 2 not so obsessed with odd developments, destroying its own highways, supporting rugby regions, evangelical bowling alleys and other questionable enterprises. So far, the least popular option in your responses is remaining alone and aloof. You mayagree or disagree but please complete this general  survey which addresses the issue before the 15th. Only one response per IP address!.

Part One
Part Two

Happy box-ticking!

Sian Caiach

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