Saturday 25 April 2015

Promises, promises, but no firm predictions..

Its manifesto time and the promises are out in force. Our policy under Bell's Principles is to assess every issue on its merits, consult our constituents as much as possible and decide on the best action in their interests.

I'm not going to pretend that I can personally end austerity, heal our failing health service and stop the cuts. Under every proposed deal by the larger parties and even the SNP/Greens/Plaid progressive Alliance there will still be cuts. Many cuts are already in the pipeline and won't be halted, Some things have been undermined so much they are permanently diminished without massive new investment. The SNP suggestion of a half per cent increase in Public Spending will rely on good governance to use it wisely. We're a bit short on that in Wales.

As a single MP I will do what is best for Llanelli. I will not single handedly cancel Trident, impose a universal living wage or decide to invade somewhere. I will support the issues that you want me to support and opposed those you don't want. In an emergency debate or issue I will make a judgement on what I feel is best for my constituents.

I could give you a date for balancing the UK Books, eliminating the defecit and paying off the national debt but it would be just a guess. Just as it is in the manifestos of the big parties. The economy is not really run by any government, but decisions on taxation, infrastructure, immigration, education and legal frameworks etc.can influence it. The decision to bail out the banks has bankrupted us all, but its done and we must live with the huge debt burden it produced as well as the huge personal debt encourged in our population. We can only speculate as to how the world economy will fare in the coming years and the effect of boom and bust in other lands.

Without a stable economy predictions are unreliable. As the future relies not just on the economy of Britain but also on  international issues, commodity prices and even sentiment, the bizzare and secret hand that causes rise and fall of stock markets with no logic.

No party or ideology has the "answer" and the reality is the best candidates are those with an open mind ready to respond positively to the future events. The future is likely to hold more instability than ever before in modern times, both political and economic.We cannot predict with any certainty, for instance, that the big party economic plans, all based on the assumption of a continuing and accelerating economic recovery without any stagnation or setbacks, are realistic targets or not.

Personally, I don't beleive there is a magic formula and I will do my best to help my town and area weather any storm and reap whagtever harvests are on offer.

Sian Caiach     


  1. As previously posted:
    I note that things appear to be going well in Llanelli with Plaid's campaign. I understand and respect your differences with the party in recent years, but would regard it as a tragedy if Plaid were to just miss out on this seat and end decades of Labour hegemony on the area. Could you possibly find it in yourself to stand aside just this once? A lot to ask, I know but, perhaps, worth it to see the Labour Party ousted.
    Robert Llewellyn Tyler

    1. Robert, First past the post is not an ideal system but its the one we live with.As far I know you may have asked others to stand down for the sake of Plaid too.I left Plaid some years ago, its well known that I have done so and am not standing primarily to oppose your party, but to promote mine. I have a very different philosohpy of politics to yourselves, a differnet idea of political priorities and am more interested in democracy than labels. You sayPlaid are doing well here in Llanelli my observation too is that the welsh speaking culturalist support is solid and the extra publicity from the debates cannot be a bad thing for you. Trying to pressurise other candidates to stand down does not really help your "progessive" party image.
      In any case, even if I wanted too, which I don't, I believe the only way I could get my name off the ballot paper now is to die and so invalidate the poll and force a re-run at a later date. People are already voting by post. May I suggest you use your time working for Plaid more constructively elsewhere.

  2. Fair points. I am not a member of Plaid at the moment, just really want a fresh representation for this seat and Plaid is the only viable alternative to Labour.

    1. Mr Tyler, I'm intrigued...have you, as Sian mentions, politely asked all the other candidates to stand aside too? Including Nia Griffith?

  3. Hi Sian, I realise you need to raise your political profile. Not everyone has a computer or reads Caebrwyn's blog. So many do not see your valiant efforts to fight for your constituents at the CCC meetings (now broadcast on the Web). To have won your CCC seat you have a local following but to win a general election or Assembly election you need much more exposure. I see you are mentioned in the new local paper Llanelli Herald and Carmarthenshire Herald along with the other candidates so that can but help. I wish you well! If you stand for the Assembly election I will change my vote from Ladour to People First as I admire what you stand for and your efforts concerning the CCC. I have found my Assembly member has no interest regarding the wrongdoing of the CCC and I feel he is not acting in the interests his constituents and is yet another avenue deliberately closed that could have been used to hold the CCC to account.

    I have always voted Labour and will vote for Nia again this time as neither the Local Authority or the NHS in Wales is overseen by Parliament but by the Welsh Assembly. I believe your experience of working in the NHS and as a County Councillor gives you an understanding of the inner workings of both these Public Bodies which most candidates would not have. The CCC and its shenanigans need to be brought under control and start to be held accountable. As an AM you may be able to draw to the attention of WAG what is happening when your constituents ask for help or employees approach you as whistleblowers if you are willing to listen with an open mind. I feel sure you would not just turn your back on or ignore the concerns/disclosures brought to you by CCC employees or complainants. Please keep up the good work and continue to resist the CEO's efforts to silence you. All the Best Jennifer Brown (whistleblower)


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